Are you feeling like your home needs a change? Maybe you want to make it more attractive and enjoyable for yourself, or you’re considering selling it in the near future. Whatever your reasons, it’s normal to sometimes feel like your home lacks character. These simple remodeling projects won’t break the bank, but will add that little extra something to make your home feel more special.

Build a kitchen island. You don’t need to remodel your entire kitchen just to add storage or counter space. Add an island, perhaps in a contrasting color, and you will enjoy the feel of a new kitchen.

Freshen up your cabinets. A fresh coat of paint and some new hardware revamps the entire look of a kitchen or bathroom.

Swap out faucets. Over time, faucets can look dated or begin to leak. Swap out old kitchen and bathroom faucets for sleek new ones.

Install a new shower or tub. This project will cost a bit more, but is still more affordable than an entire bathroom remodel. Older shower inserts and bathtubs can leak, and place the entire room in a different decade. Give yourself a new shower or tub that you will enjoy for years to come.

Choose new light fixtures. Light fixtures are another component of homes that can contribute to an outdated look. Renovate your home, room by room, by selecting new lighting fixtures that create a more modern look.

Create an accent wall. Painting, wallpapering, or otherwise revamping one wall can make an entire room look new and different, but without excessive expense.

Choose a new backsplash in the kitchen. Dreaming of new cabinets and countertops, but can’t afford a big remodeling project? That’s okay; swapping out your backsplash and perhaps repainting the walls will make your kitchen look brand new.

Install for dimmer switches. Install dimmer switches in the living room and bedrooms, and you can instantly change the look and mood of a room. Consider a dimmer switch in the dining room, so that you can enjoy low-lighting, romantic candlelit dinners.

Consider new windows. Older windows can make your home look out of date, and they also leak energy and contribute to higher electric bills. Swap them out for new, energy-efficient versions. You might even be able to claim a tax break for doing so!

Revamp your storage spaces. Install sleek new shelving in closets, the garage, or utility room. Accessible, organized storage spaces reduce clutter and add enjoyment to your home.

If you have questions about remodeling your home, give us a call. We can help you decide upon the projects that will boost your home’s appeal.