Plush, clean wall-to-wall carpeting can make a room feel bright and luxurious. On the other hand, worn, dirty, and stained carpets bring down the look and mood of a room from the minute you step inside. And damaged carpets lower your home’s resell value, too. To keep your carpets looking new and clean, institute the following habits in your house.

No food outside of the kitchen and dining room. Once you allow kids (and even yourself) to begin taking food out of designated eating areas, it’s hard to break the habit. And each time someone does it, the risk of spills and stains increases.

Place a doormat outside of each door. Front doors, back doors, and side doors all need a doormat where anyone entering the home can thoroughly wipe their feet.

No shoes in the house. Another common strategy is to simply outlaw shoes in the house. Take them off in the foyer, and hang a polite sign asking guests to do the same. Provide a basket or other designated spot for shoes.

Change your air conditioner filter often. Filters trap pollen and dust that circulate through your home’s cooling system. Changing them regularly removes more of this debris, so that less of it can settle into your carpets.

Prevent pet damage. Enroll your new puppy in a training class right away. Or, use baby gates to keep him out of carpeted areas. Once allowed on the carpet, it’s only a matter of time before a poorly trained dog has an accident.

Take care when moving furniture. Make sure to always lift and carry heavy furniture. Dragging it can increase the risk of tearing the carpet or damaging the fibers.

Use coasters under furniture. Place coasters under furniture legs to prevent permanent indentations in your carpet.

Use drop cloths when painting. No matter how skilled and careful you are, accidents happen. If you’re repainting walls, don’t skip the important step of using drop cloths.

Prevent fading. Carpet exposed to sunlight will sometimes fade over time. Use blinds or curtains in those areas to prevent this problem.

Use a protective coating. Apply a protective coating to carpets, to discourage stains from setting in.

Clean your carpets regularly. Regular carpet cleaning is one of the best ways to keep carpet looking new and clean, and to protect the warranty. Call us to schedule a routine carpet cleaning, and you will be surprised at the difference afterward!