When you’re short on square footage, finishing out an unfinished space can seem like the obvious choice. Attics, basements, and exterior rooms can be included into your existing floorplan to give you the extra room you need for an expanding family, hobbies, a home business, or something else. But before you pick up that hammer, consider these three things regarding finishing out those “bonus rooms”.

How much work is really involved? Sometimes that project that once seemed simple becomes anything but simple! Do you need to add walls? What about heating and cooling? Is plumbing needed for a bathroom? Is the room well ventilated? If you’re using the room for a specific purpose, what other changes need to be made in order to accommodate that goal?

Speaking of ventilation… In many cases unfinished rooms are located in basements, where moisture is a concern. And if you’re adding a bathroom or laundry space, moisture becomes an even bigger problem. It would be a shame to remodel a space that cannot be used as you had hoped, due to lack of consideration for moisture.

What about outside access? For numerous reasons, you might want or need outside access from your newly finished space. Perhaps you’re worried about getting out of the house in the event of a fire, or need a separate entrance for relatives or a home business. Consider your options carefully, because adding a doorway will add another expense. You don’t have to stick with a regular door, either; sliding doors, barnyard doors, or French doors add both function and beauty to your finished room.

And of course, consulting a professional in home construction and remodeling is the most important thing to do. We can assess your unused space at is is now, and help you determine what should be done so that you can use it as you wish. Give us a call to schedule a walk-through and quote, and we can help you decide if this home remodeling project is right for you.