Choosing a bathroom remodel is a wise decision, both for your home’s value and your own enjoyment of your living space. But that doesn’t mean all bathroom remodels go off without a hitch. Avoid these four common problems, and you will hopefully avoid some of the more inconvenient setbacks that can happen. 

Failing to plan adequately. Make sure to ask your contractor what you should expect at each stage of the remodel process, and request a general timeline for completion of the work. Make plans to use an alternate bathroom (or a neighbor’s bathroom if you only have one) during the remodel. Keep in mind that bathrooms are often used for a lot more than toilet needs and showering, and many of us just don’t think about it. Where will you do your hair and makeup? Get ready to brush your teeth in the kitchen every night. 

Doing it yourself. It can be tempting to remodel your bathroom yourself, but we definitely don’t recommend this choice to those who lack experience. In the interest of saving money you might just cost yourself even more! There are plenty of things that can go wrong during a bathroom remodel, especially if you’re working with the plumbing, so we definitely recommend that you choose an experienced contractor for your project. 

Rushing. A bathroom remodel can take time, especially if you want it done right. Don’t rush the job, and be prepared to go without a bathroom for a few days to a few weeks, depending on the amount of work you want performed. A sloppy job will just cost you more time and energy later. 

Choosing the wrong contractor. The saying is true: You usually get what you pay for. Avoid the temptation of choosing the cheapest contractor you can find, and focus on quality of work instead. That doesn’t mean you must go with the most expensive bid, either! Ask detailed questions of each contractor that you interview, and choose one with whom you feel comfortable and whom is willing to explain every step of the job. You want experience, quality materials, and great communication. 

On that note, give us a call if you’re considering a bathroom remodel. We can answer your questions and make some recommendations to help you achieve your dream bathroom.