Spring is rapidly approaching, and you might be feeling that itch to clean, redecorate, and renovate your home. If you’re looking for some fresh updates that will help you enjoy your home even more this year, consider the following three remodeling ideas.

Update your porch, deck, or patio. Spring and summer usher in the season of outdoor gatherings and family barbecues. Whether you want to relax on the porch sipping coffee, or throw a wild birthday shindig, you need a beautiful and functional outdoor space to do so. Consider the following renovation ideas to spruce up your outdoor living area:

  • Add an outdoor kitchen for parties or just family dinners
  • Install a soothing water feature, like a fountain
  • Provide a cozy conversation space with a fire pit
  • Screen in a porch to keep bugs out
  • Cover a patio to provide shade and protection from rain
  • Repair a broken or aging deck to make it safer and more beautiful
  • Expand your porch, deck, or patio to provide more room
  • Beautify your porch or deck by painting or adding a decorative railing

Install new garage doors. Garage doors provide an important function, but they also contribute to the exterior beauty of your home. If you want to add more curb appeal instantly, changing the garage doors for more attractive ones provides an instant WOW factor. You can also update to more convenient features, and improve the safety of your home.

Renovate a room by adding an accent wall. Creating an accent wall is a minor project that instantly updates the look and feel of any room. And you’re not just limited to a contrasting paint color or wallpaper; consider adding texture to one wall with rustic wood, sleek molding, or faux stone.

Add more storage space. All that spring cleaning and organizing might have you yearning for more storage space. Consider revamping your garage storage, adding built-in shelves throughout the house, creating storage under the stairs, or renovating your attic or basement. The possibilities for storage can be endless once you’re ready to think outside the box!

And on that note, give us a call to discuss your ideas. We can help you assess your home’s capabilities and limitations, and decide upon a renovation plan that brings you the enjoyment you deserve from your home.