Have you purchased a home that you know is a fixer-upper? Maybe you know you want to fix it up and “flip” it in the next year or so? Or perhaps you intend to live in the home, but feel overwhelmed with the amount of work it needs? If you’re facing a series of home remodeling tasks, ask yourself these four questions. Then you can determine where you should focus your efforts and budget.

Is there anything that must be done? Some home remodeling projects are non-negotiable. For example, a leaking roof must be fixed quickly, or you risk extensive and expensive water damage. Plumbing problems and outdated electrical wiring should be fixed right away, too.

Do you need more storage? Storage seems like a mundane issue, but it becomes very important! Do any of the rooms lack the convenience of adequate storage? Maybe you need to add shelving in the bathroom or cabinet upgrades in the kitchen.

Does one particular room look dated? Maybe your home seems fairly modern, except for that bathroom that seems stuck in the 1980s. It’s time to haul out that brown shag carpet and tear down that floral wallpaper! An outdated, unattractive room can serve as an eyesore and detract from the entire home’s appeal.

Does your home lack convenience? Is it missing some obvious elements, like a disposal in the kitchen sink? Are doors oddly placed, or does one bedroom lack a closet? Is the home energy efficient, or could it use some improvements in that area? Are the appliances out of date or oddly placed? Convenience makes a big difference to your enjoyment of your home, so upgrade any items that bother you.

As you evaluate your home remodeling options, give us a call. We can help to guide you through this process and make decisions based upon your needs, design priorities, and budget.