Discovering mold in your home is never pleasant. Surprisingly, about 70 percent of homes have some form of mold already growing inside. If left unchecked, mold can cause structural damage and pose significant health risks, especially for those with compromised immune systems or respiratory conditions.

Whether you detect a moldy odor or have concerns after water damage, it’s crucial to get an evaluation from a mold remediation professional. But how do you find the right expert? Follow these five tips to choose a reliable mold remediation company.

What is your history and experience? Avoid independent contractors or general handymen for mold remediation. A reputable, experienced company will not only remove the mold but also identify and fix the underlying cause of the problem.

Are you insured? Although incidental damage during the mold remediation process is rare, it’s always possible. Ensure the company you hire is insured to protect your home from any unforeseen damage. Always ask for proof of insurance before making your decision.

Can you explain your testing and follow-up methods? Effective mold remediation involves more than just removal. The company should offer post-remediation testing to ensure that the mold problem has been fully resolved.

What equipment do you use? A good mold remediation company will use advanced equipment to not only remove mold and disinfect the area but also eliminate harmful microbes that pose health risks.

And a bonus tip before hiring your mold remediation specialist… Read reviews! Customer reviews can provide valuable insights into a company’s reliability and effectiveness. Look for mold remediation companies online and read their reviews to gauge customer satisfaction.

Mold issues cannot be postponed. As you research mold remediation companies, remember to give us a call. We offer safe, professional services tailored to your schedule, ensuring that your home is mold-free and healthy.