We tend not to think about it, but tiny insects, fungus, and other living things thrive all around us. Some are harmless, and are the types of things you’ll never completely eradicate, but others can contribute to allergies and disease. In fact, your carpet is likely housing an entire ecosystem of teensy critters and other life forms right now. For example, upon closer examination of your carpets you might find…

Dust mites. Dust mites are tiny insects that live off of dust (which is mostly our discarded dead skin cells). While the insects don’t actively try to harm people, about 30 percent of us are allergic to them. So if you regularly suffer from allergy symptoms, removing dust from your home and cleaning the carpets can make a world of difference. 

Carpet beetles. Carpet beetles are primarily drawn to fibers of animal origin, such as wool, feathers, fur, and flannels. They can destroy these fibers, but will also move on to feed on the contents of your pantry. Carpet beetles don’t bite, but you might find red welts on your skin anyway due to an allergic reaction. Luckily, these pests reproduce slowly, so if you can get them out of carpets, pillows, and cushions then you shouldn’t notice a quick resurgence. 

Fleas. Fleas are some of the worst pests that can invade your home, because they’re so incredibly difficult to eradicate. They feed on blood and reproduce quickly, making everyone in the home absolutely miserable in short order. Eradicating fleas will require a multi-step process of treating both animals and the home, and keeping carpets clean to reduce new hatching eggs. 

Mold. If your carpet has ever gotten wet, from leaks, spills, or other incidents, there is a good chance mold may have begun to grow underneath it. While some types of mold might simply produce a bothersome musty smell, others can trigger allergies and even severe illness. Any time your carpet gets wet, thoroughly drying and cleaning it is key to prevent mold growth. You might also need to replace the pad underneath the carpet. 

Give us a call if you suspect any of these problems living within your carpets. We can conduct a mold test and assess your situation. Regular and thorough carpet cleaning is usually recommended to eradicate the creepy crawlies lurking underfoot.