When you’ve suffered a home fire, you want everything to go back to normal as quickly as possible. It’s totally normal to feel impatient, but we want your home to be 100 percent safe before you move back in. Understanding the steps to fire damage restoration can help you know what to expect at each stage, and hopefully minimize the anxiety you feel.

Step One: Intake and assessment. We can’t give you an accurate timeline on restoration and repairs until we understand the extent of the damage and view it for ourselves. So be prepared to answer several questions about the type of fire and extent of the damage when you call us. Then we will come out to view your home.

Step Two: Determining the scope of the job. At this point, we visit your home to view the damage for ourselves. This is your chance to ask as many questions as you need, and we can then give you an estimated timeline on completion of the job. We will also review your contract and discuss the scope and limitations of our work.

Step Three: Restoration is underway. First we will remove any property that needs to be disposed of or protected. We might also board up your home or use tarps to protect any belongings that are staying. Then we begin to remove any leftover moisture from fire hoses or sprinklers, and tackle smoke or fire damage. We fully sanitize the property, and can make recommendations for any reconstruction that might be necessary.

Step Four: The final inspection. Once fire damage restoration is complete, we will walk through the entire property with you. Often your insurance claims adjuster also needs to come along. This is your chance to ask any final questions, and we can help you with any insurance claims hurdles you might face. The fire marshall or another official from the fire department might also come to view the home, to make sure it’s safe for you to reoccupy.

Hopefully, a home fire never happens to you. But if it does, we’re here to offer you quick and efficient fire damage restoration service, so that you can get your life back on track quickly.