Of all the types of water damage you could be dealing with, a backed-up sewer line is probably the worst. Not only is the stench unimaginable; the mess is more difficult to clean up. And you could be dealing with health hazards on top of all the hassle.

But like most home disasters, you need to act quickly to begin repairing the damage. Take these four steps immediately if you are unlucky enough to have a sewer line back up into your home.

Turn off all water in your home. Yes, this means appliances, sinks, showers, and everything else. Don’t flushy toilets, wash dishes and clothes, or attempt to take a shower. It’s inconvenient, yes, but will spare you more disaster. Because a clog exists somewhere in the outgoing pipes, sending more water toward it will mean more wastewater backed up into your home somewhere.

Next, call a plumber immediately. You can’t even think about getting your home operational again until you get that clog removed. Your plumber will probably need to snake your drains in order to locate and remove it.

Call us. The water damage from a backed-up sewer line is a particularly nasty problem. Not only will you likely feel completely grossed out; you could expose yourself to disease if you don’t utilize the proper protective equipment while attempting to clean up the mess. We will bring in special equipment to pump out standing water, thoroughly dry the area, and check for mold damage afterward. And yes, a thorough professional cleaning can get rid of that putrid smell!

Call your insurance company. You might wish to get your insurance company involved, if the cost of cleaning and repairs will exceed your homeowners insurance deductible. Whether or not the damage is covered will depend upon your policy and its limitations, but it can’t hurt to consult with your insurance representative.

And if you have any other questions, feel free to ask us. We understand how stressful this situation can be, and will get your home clean and operational as quickly as possible.