If you ever experience a house fire, we will be here to help you restore your home and get life back to normal. Unfortunately, there are some things that can’t be saved after an event like this. The following four categories of personal items will probably need replacement, so you should keep that in mind with regard to your homeowners insurance policy. Check your documents and make sure your coverage is adequate to replace your home’s contents.

Bedding and clothing. If the fire was small, and these items were located away from the fire, you might be able to clean and recover them. But often, the smoke and soot damage are just too much. You might need to replace all of your clothes and bed linens.

Personal care items and medications. Aside from smoke and soot damage, a fine layer of fire extinguisher dust might coat everything in your home. Personal care items and medications will probably need to be thrown away, because you don’t want to ingest those chemicals, rub them on your skin, brush your teeth with them, and so on.

Food in your pantry. All food should be tossed after a significant fire, because it has been exposed to heat, smoke, and firefighting chemicals. You really can’t be too careful about what you’re putting into your body, so don’t take the risk.

Food in the refrigerator. Food that was sealed up in the refrigerator can sometimes be salvaged, depending upon the circumstances. If you lost power for an extended time after the fire, everything will have to go. And if you notice soot inside the fridge, there’s a good chance the food inside is contaminated.

Of course, we will be right there with you to guide the restoration process after a fire. If you have any doubts, just call us for professional guidance. We will always strive to help you save whatever you can, but your safety is our number one priority.