For many of us, our home is one of the most substantial investments we ever make. Whether you’re considering a sale in the near future, or just want to maintain your property value, it makes sense to carefully weigh the monetary value of any renovations.

We all have our personal preference, but evidence from the real estate industry has demonstrated that the following five renovations tend to make your home more appealing to prospective buyers.

Replace the garage doors.

New garage doors instantly update the curb appeal of your home, and swanky new options make them perform better than before. If you could do just one thing to improve the look of your home, new garage doors are a fast but highly visible change.

Install new siding or stone veneer.

Talk about a total renovation! If your home’s exterior is stuck in a less-stylish decade, this upgrade will make your home stand out in photos and in person.

Remodel the kitchen.

For many homeowners, the kitchen serves as a focal point of activity in the home. Upgrading your kitchen’s style and function will help the entire home feel more modern and functional. Plus, buyers will appreciate how clean and fresh it feels.

Add a deck (or rejuvenate an existing one).

Outdoor living spaces have increased dramatically in popularity this year. A new deck helps potential buyers envision themselves living in the home and enjoying it. 

Replace the front door.

If you’re working with a more limited budget, simply replacing the front door will work wonders for your home’s curb appeal. Choose a stylish new color or updated window design, add attractive hardware, and make sure the door is sturdy and secure. A steel door with multiple locks adds a security feature to the home.

Of course, in addition to major renovations you should ensure that all current systems in your home are in sound working order. Carpets, floors, tile, and countertops should be sparkling clean. We also recommend that you address any water damage or mold issues right away, because these signal lack of care and potential health risks to most buyers. If you do experience a damaging event in your home, call us right away and we can help mitigate the harm to your home.