Nothing lasts forever in home construction. Eventually, all homes need to be remodeled, and the kitchen and bathroom are the two most common rooms to need a refresh. If you’ve been eyeing your bathroom for a remodel, but you’re not sure it’s really necessary, look for these five signs that it’s time to call a contractor.

There are just so many little problems. Over time, floor tiles pop up, the shower insert looks dated, the paint or wallpaper is dingy, and little leaks are popping up under the sink or behind the toilet. Maybe you hate the dim lighting or you don’t have enough outlets. If you find yourself frequently annoyed with several details of your bathroom, it’s probably time to consider some updates.

Damage has occurred. Obviously, if a significant water damage event has occurred, you probably need to replace flooring, baseboards, or walls. While you’re at it, you might as well refresh the entire look of the room.

The space doesn’t meet your needs. You need more room for storage, you’d prefer a large, luxurious tub, or a disabled family member needs a walk-in shower. Whatever is wrong, the room simply doesn’t meet your needs anymore. It’s time to add the elements you need.

Your bathroom has become a museum. Do you feel like you’ve stepped through a portal, back in time? Your bathroom shouldn’t make you feel like you’re living in a rerun of That 70s Show. If the decor is outdated, updating it for a more modern look will greatly enhance your enjoyment of your home.

You’re thinking about renting or selling. Potential renters or buyers will probably be turned off by an outdated, unattractive bathroom. Giving it a makeover can signficantly increase your chances of attracting a great renter or buyer, and earning top dollar from the property.

If it’s time to renovate the bathroom, give us a call. We can advise you on your next steps.