You would think you know everything that’s going on in your home. But there are plenty of areas that are hidden from view, such as the pipes within your walls and underneath your floor. Would you know if one was leaking? And if a pipe is leaking, wouldn’t that mean you have water damage?

Yes, a leaking water pipe is going to add up to some serious water damage over time, but hopefully you can catch the problem early before the damage is severe. Look for these five signs of a leaking pipe and hidden water damage.

Low water pressure. If a pipe is leaking somewhere, you will probably experience water pressure that is lower than usual. Don’t just resign yourself to low-quality showers; the problem is probably more impactful than that. It’s time to find the leaking pipe.

Unusual water bills. If your water bills has been running higher than usual, that’s a sign of a leaking pipe. Here’s one way to tell if something is amiss: Turn off all faucets and appliances that use water in your home, and then go look at your water meter. If it’s still moving, there’s a leak somewhere.

An odd taste or smell in your water. Most of the time we think of a leaking pipe in terms of water coming out of it. But that also means other things can get into your water supply, so you might notice an odd taste or smell.

An odd smell in your house. If you do have a leaking pipe somewhere, mold and mildew will start to grow. You will notice an odd smell, without a clear source.

A whistling noise. Leaking pipes will often create a vague whistling noise in your plumbing. If you hear this type of noise, call a plumber ASAP!

If you notice any of these five signs of a leaking pipe, calling a plumber should be your first step. You want to be sure the leak is fixed before proceeding to water damage cleanup. Give us a call about our restoration services, and we can help you clean up damaged areas of your home and address any mold problems that might have resulted from the hidden leak.