If you experience a water damage event in your home, your immediate thought is probably to stop the flow of water. Whether it’s dripping through the roof, gushing from a broken pipe, or bubbling up from an overflowed toilet, your first instinct is correct. You must turn off the main water valve!

But after that, what’s next? Depending on the severity of the water damage, you could be facing some or all of these possible outcomes:

Damaged electrical wiring. If the water contacted any of your electrical wiring, you could experience shorts and even a house fire later on. It’s best to have an electrician check your wiring before you consider your water damage restoration complete.

A lingering stench. Whether it was rainwater or backed-up sewage, a water damage event will leave behind a smell that ranges from mild and mildewy to absolutely foul. When you receive water damage restoration services, a full cleaning and odor-neutralizing products will get rid of the smell.

Damaged possessions. Depending upon the extent of the water damage, some of your personal possessions might need cleaning or repairs. In the worst case scenarios, everything from personal items to appliances to furniture might need complete replacement. The best way to know whether an item can be salvaged is to consult with a water damage restoration expert.

Yucky bacteria. Moisture helps some bacteria to thrive, especially if the water damage concerned your sewer lines. But even rainwater can encourage yucky microbes to flourish, so a thorough professional cleaning is recommended.

Mildew and mold. Moisture also encourages the growth of mildew and mold, and the results can be anything from a bothersome musty smell to an actual health hazard. After any water damage event, your home should be tested for mold so that you can seek remediation services promptly.

If you’ve read our other blogs on preventing water damage, hopefully these things will never happen to you! But if an accident does happen, call us right away. With prompt attention, water damage can be limited and repairs made more easily.