For many families, the kitchen becomes the central focus of the household. You spend a considerable amount of time in this room, preparing meals, cleaning up, and even doing fun projects with the kids. So naturally you want the kitchen to be both beautiful and functional. If you’re considering a kitchen redesign, these five tips will help you create a space that functions as good as it looks.

Choose drawers instead of cabinets. These days, we’re trending away from bottom cabinets and toward deep drawers. Store everything within reach, and save yourself all that time spent on your knees, digging through cluttered cabinets.

Make use of corner cabinets. Maximizing storage space should be one of the goals of your kitchen remodel. Make sure to include valuable corner space in your redesign! Lazy Susans or slide-out storage options make corner cabinets easier to use. And best of all, you won’t have to dig into dark spaces searching for lost pans and other objects.

Consider a pull-out pantry. Pull-out pantries help you to see everything at once, so there’s no need to search through clutter to find missing items. You might even save on grocery shopping, too, because it’s much easier to take inventory of an organized pantry and make use of everything you have.

Reconsider your microwave placement. Reduce spills and free up visual space by locating your microwave at counter height, or even installed within a base cabinet. It’s easier to bend over slightly than to reach overhead when placing heavy dishes into it.

Remember to place the sink near the stove. It can be hard to decide where everything should go, but in general, the sink should be placed near the stove. You don’t want to carry heavy dishes back and forth across the kitchen, especially when they’re full of water or steaming hot.

If you’re considering a kitchen remodel, give us a call. We can help you design the beautiful, functional kitchen of your dreams, while maximizing storage space.