No one wants to discover mold in their home. But did you know that about 70 percent of homes already have some form of mold growing within them? And if it spreads, the mold can cause structural damage as well as posing a health risk to anyone who enters the house. Those risks climb for anyone who is immune compromised or has certain breathing conditions.

So whether you already smell mold in your home, or you’re concerned about a recent water damage event, asking for an evaluation from a mold remediation company is a wise step. But how do you choose a good mold professional? Follow these five tips.

Choose an experienced company. Don’t rely on an independent contractor or general handyman for mold remediation work. An experienced company with a strong track record will not only be able to eradicate the mold within your home; they will also uncover the reason for the mold problem and fix that, too.

Read reviews. Satisfied customers are the best word-of-mouth advertising a company can get. Research mold remediation companies online and read their reviews.

Check for insurance. Incidental damage is unlikely to befall your home during the mold remediation process, but it could theoretically happen. Any time you hire a company to perform work within your home, you want to be sure they are insured. So ask for proof of insurance before hiring anyone.

Ask which type of mold testing they provide. Many companies provide basic mold remediation services. But they should test for mold again after they’ve finished their work, to be sure the problem is solved.

Ask about their equipment. A good mold remediation company will not only remove mold and disinfect the affected area, but will also eradicate the microbes that pose health risks.

Unfortunately, mold is not one of those problems that can wait until it’s convenient to address it. As you’re researching mold remediation companies, make sure to give us a call. We can provide safe, professional service on a timeline that meets your needs.