Let’s assume your home has suffered some damage, and quite a bit of renovating and repair needs to be done. Or, maybe you’ve purchased a property with the intention of renting or flipping it, but it needs some serious updating. Perhaps you’re just tired of your own outdated home, and you want to refresh several key areas. What do you do first? And how do you get it all done, within a reasonable time frame, without going way over budget? Consider these five tips when facing numerous home remodeling projects.

Prioritize the roof. If your home needs multiple repairs, and the roof is one of them, do the roof! No, it’s not the most fun renovation to plan. There are no pretty cabinets and paint colors to choose, or decorating to be done afterward. But a leaking roof can ruin pretty much anything else you do within the home, so take care of that first.

Does the house have any safety issues? Safety issues are another one of those not-fun but high-priority renovations. If the electrical system is outdated, or stair railings are rickety, or something else is unsafe, you should definitely prioritize those problems before focusing on cosmetic issues.

Think about the short term and the long term. You have ideas that appeal to you now, but will you still feel satisfied with those renovations in a few years? How do they fit into your overall, long-term plans for the property? Could doing these renovations cause a complication with some future goal?

Plan for convenience. It can feel tempting to hire a large renovation team and get everything done at once. But will you be happy with both bathrooms out of service? Can you stand a mess in the living room, dining room, and kitchen all at once? How will you prepare meals if your kitchen torn up for an extended period? What about scheduling renovations while you’re on vacation. Or, will neighbors offer you use of their facilities? What about staying with a friend?

Consider renovations that save you money. For example, new windows or insulation might slash your power bill. If a project translates into lower costs somewhere else, doing that first can help you save up money for your next remodel.

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