Spring has sprung, and more sunlight is gradually returning to our days! If you feel tired of dim, depressing rooms after enduring three months of winter, why not remodel your home to allow more light to flow through it year-round? These five ideas can help you open up each room and brighten your home.

Add windows. Add more windows to your home, or enlarge the ones you have. Focusing on south-facing rooms will have the most impact. But do be careful; what looks good on the inside might look odd on the outside of the home. Always consider curb appeal when changing your windows.

Add glass to the front door. Switch out your front door for one with more glass, and consider adding sidelights alongside it. Other entry points to your home could be replaced with sliding glass doors or French doors.

Add glass doors on the inside, too. Glass doors aren’t always strickly entryway doors. An office, dining area, or another room that requires less privacy could use a glass door and allow more natural light to flow into the room.

Install skylights. It’s like a window for your roof, and makes an enormous difference to your home’s natural lighting! This is the perfect solution for rooms like bathrooms, where you prefer privacy but need more light, or hallways where you have little or no access to an outside wall.

Enlarge doorways or remove walls. Creating wider doorways or opening up smaller rooms can create a much better flow of light throughout the home. If you have one or more rooms that feel cave-like, this is the ideal solution. Just remember that some walls are load-bearing, and can’t be removed. Talk to a contractor before you start tearing them down!

And on that note, give us a call. We can talk about your ideas, evaluate your home’s current floor plan, and help you decide upon a remodeling plan that accomplishes your goals.