Even though it’s essential to our lives, water can also be one of the most destructive forces on Earth. If your home sustains water damage from a flood, plumbing disaster, or some other cause, it can affect the property in five major ways.

Valuable items will be destroyed. With regard to monetary value, everything from appliances to furniture can be destroyed by water damage. You might end up spending thousands to replace these items. And then, of course, are the personal things like family pictures which hold no monetary value, but are priceless to you. But before you go tossing out the sectional sofa, consult with an expert to determine whether it can be saved.

Bacteria can be dangerous. Whether it’s a plumbing incident or standing wastewater from a storm, your home might become infected with bacteria after a water damage event. It’s best to let professionals handle the cleanup, to spare you from exposure to potentially dangerous pathogens.

Mold will probably become a problem. Mold grows in humid conditions, which of course a water damage event will create. After just a few hours, mold spores are already beginning to develop. And if hidden areas of your home were damaged by water, you could be growing mold (and a major health problem) without even knowing it. This is why proper restoration and mold testing is so essential after a water damage event.

Your electrical wiring could be damaged. Water can destroy electical wiring, leading to shorts and even fires later on. If your home has sustained water damage, make sure an electrician fully checks all of the wiring before moving back into the home.

An unpleasant smell will linger. You will notice a nasty, mildewy smell after a home has been damaged by water. A professional cleaning with odor neutralizers is essential to avoiding this unpleasant situation.

Follow us for tips on preventing water damage. But remember, if the worst does happen, calling us right away can help you start the professional cleanup process more quickly.