Whether your home suffers a sudden, catastrophic flooding event, or a slow, steady leak from a pipe hidden in the subfloor or wall, water damage can be one of the messiest problems you ever experience as a homeowner. But it’s not just about the mess; water damage can impact your life in a number of ways, such as…

Mold and mildew. Mold and mildew will begin growing almost immediately after any water damage event. Not only can mold harm your health; the smell is obnoxious and it can be difficult to eradicate mold and mildew from inside walls and underneath floors.

Loss of property. It’s no surprise that anything touched by a water damage event could be ruined. But when high humidity leads to mold and mildew in the home, belongings that weren’t even involved in the original event could be lost. You might find mildew on clothing, shoes, and other items simply because of the presence of mold in the home.

Pest infestations. This is expecially the case with slow leaks. When water is present in the house, pests will often set up residence. You might begin to notice the presence of roaches, mice, and other creepy crawlies that you definitely did not invite into your home.

Bacterial dangers. Mold isn’t your only concern. Damp environments provide breeding grounds for bacteria, and this is a particular concern when the water damage was caused by sewage.

Mental health risks. Many people exposed to mold begin to suffer from mental health symptoms, whether from the mold itself or simply the stress of dealing with the mess and repairs in their home.

Financial impact. As you might imagine, the long-term fallout from a water damage event can carry a price tag. On top of the initial cleanup, you might need mold remediation or repairs to your home. The good news is that quick action can often reduce that price tag to some extent, and homeowners insurance usually covers a lot of the bill. If your home has experienced water damage, give us a call right away and we’ll help you restore your home while guiding you through the repairs and insurance claims process.