A leaking roof can lead to serious damage inside your home, such as rotting wood or growth of mildew and mold. You might think you would know if your roof was leaking, because surely you would notice water dripping through the ceiling. But in many cases a leak can start slowly, in a hidden area, and damage can occur before you ever need to get out the buckets. That’s why monitoring your roof for signs of leaks, and repairing them promptly, can be so important to protecting your home.

A stain on the ceiling or walls. Before water begins to actually drip through, you might notice a discolored area or “stain” on your ceiling or walls.

“Bubbling” in paint or wallpaper. You might also notice that paint or wallpaper appears “bubbled” in some spots. These texture changes are due to moisture in the wall behind those areas.

You can see missing, torn, or curling roof shingles. Don’t climb onto your roof alone, or without professional assistance. But if you can view the roof by standing a distance from the house, you might be able to see suspicious spots where damage has occurred. These can happen as a result of bad weather, or simply as the roof ages over time.

Damage to the gutters. If you can view obvious damage to your gutters, such as sagging, there is a good chance that water is not flowing through them correctly. As it builds up, it will look for another way out – such as into your home. If the gutters are overflowing when it rains, that’s a sure sign of damage or clogs.

Damage to roof flashing. If you can see missing pieces of roof flashing, or if the caulk appears cracked, those spots provide another way for water to enter your home.

Mold or mildew in the home. If you notice a strange smell, or if your home tests positive for mold, that means water is probably entering your home somewhere. The roof can be one culprit.

Since water damage can cause major destruction to your home, and mold can even endanger your health, it’s important to inspect your roof regularly. Get those trouble spots repaired right away, and call us if you need help with water damage or mold remediation.