Sometimes, we realize we’ve outgrown our homes and need to relocate. But moving can become a hassle, and you might love your current location. The other option is to renovate your home, adding the features that you need in order to remain happy there.

A master suite addition is one of the more popular home renovations these days. You might consider this type of renovation for the following reasons:

  • Add a home office – With remote work so common these days, adding a private master suite could give you the space you need to work privately, without constant interruptions from family.
  • Accommodate future needs – As you get older, a main floor master suite could allow you to stay in your current home without having to deal with stairs.
  • Room for a caregiver – A master suite allows for a live-in caregiver or housekeeper, so that you can live more safely and comfortably if you have health, age-related, or mobility challenges.
  • Privacy for teens or adult kids – Due to economic conditions, many young adults are staying at home for longer (or even moving back in).
  • Add storage – Perhaps your current master bedroom just doesn’t give you the room you need, and adding a new one could provide a larger bathroom, walk-in closets, a dressing area, small home office, or something else that you value.
  • Guest room – Adding a master suite helps you to comfortably accommodate out-of-town guests, so that you can enjoy more time with visiting family and friends.
  • Added income potential – A master suite can even allow for additional income, as you can rent it out on Air BnB or on a long term basis.

You might have other reasons for considering a master suite addition. But whatever your reasoning, remember that we’re here to help guide you. If you’re thinking about adding a master suite to your home, give us a call for professional guidance.