We’re not all lucky enough to have enormous kitchens. But that doesn’t mean you have to settle for a kitchen that is non-functional, unattractive, or not enjoyable to use! These design ideas can help you to update your kitchen, making it a beautiful, functional space that you love to use.

Choose smaller appliances.  Large appliances can visually overwhelm a smaller space. But with creativity, you can still achieve the function you need from them. Look into multi-functional appliances to save counter space (such as a combination convection and microwave oven). If you need extra freezer space, purchase a second freezer to stash in a laundry room, garage, or other area.

Opt for lighter colors. Dark colors overwhelm smaller spaces. Choose lighter, neutral colors for walls, floors, and countertops, and then add more eye-catching touches of color with a tile backsplash or decorative accents.

Optimize light. Place light fixtures strategically, use mirrors, and select bright, shiny cabinet hardware. Bouncing light around a small space works wonders to make it appear larger.

Consider a picture window. If you have the space and your layout allows it, consider expanding one more more windows to make them larger. This will allow more natural light into the room, and contribute to a feeling of flow with the outdoors.

Remove upper cabinets. Upper cabinets feel heavy and can overwhelm a smaller room. Replace them with open shelving to display your dishes and glassware.

Update lower cabinets. A small space means less storage, so you need to maximize what you have. Upgrade your lower cabinets with custom shelving, drawers, lazy Susans, and other features to make organization easy and convenient.

Hang your cookware. If storage is a significant challenge, add hooks for hanging your favorite cookware. Cooper or stainless pots, in particular, add a splash of metallic color that blends well with most decor schemes.

If you’re considering a kitchen remodel, call us to discuss your ideas. We can help you maximize a smaller space to make it feel larger, more attractive, and more accessible.