Sometimes water damage is simply inevitable. Water is one of the most powerful (and damaging) forces on Earth, and we can’t always control Mother Nature. In the event that your home ever suffers damage and you need restoration services, we’re here for you.

But we also try to offer tips that prevent this type of catastrophe from happening in the first place. And believe it or not, there is one simple thing you can do on a regular basis that will reduce the chances of your home sustaining water damage. Just maintain and repair your roof and gutter system.

Check your roof after storms. Sometimes roof damage happens slowly, not all at once, and it takes a while for water to seep through into your home. Whenever you experience a storm or high winds that blow debris onto your roof, inspect it for damages while cleaning up the mess. Small damages can be repaired so that you don’t end up with a larger problem later.

Replace broken tiles or shingles. Take a look at your roof a few times per year, and replace any tiles that are broken or shingles that look overly worn or buckled.

Don’t forget the roof flashing. The flashing is the part of your roof that seals up the areas between joints. As you might imagine, those seals won’t work very well when they become damaged or broken. So when you inspect your roof, don’t forget to take a look at the flashing too.

Inspect and clean your gutters. Clogged gutters are one of the major causes of water damage, because backed up water sometimes enters the home. Make sure to clean your gutters several times per year so that water can flow as intended.

Inspect your attic. Sometimes birds and rodents will move into attics, start chewing on insulation and nesting, and generally make a mess. They can also damage the inside of your home enough to allow water to seep through over time. Inspect this part of your home regularly, and remove any trouble makers before the damage becomes expensive.

Of course, sometimes water damage happens no matter how well you maintain your home. If the worst does occur, remember that prompt attention is the best way to salvage as much as possible. Call us right away, and we’ll guide you through the water damage restoration process.