New year, new you… New house? Whether you’ve been renovating, or just want to take care of the house you have, consider the idea of adopting some New Year’s resolutions to preserve your home. In particular, carpet can quickly show signs of wear if you don’t take care of it. Adopt the following eleven habits and you can keep your carpet looking fresher, newer, and cleaner for years to come.

Don’t take food outside of designated eating areas. The risk of spills and stains just isn’t worth it, and you’ll have fewer crumbs to vacuum.

Don’t wear shoes in the house. Aside from the obvious dirt that will be tracked in on your shoes, some shoe treads and high heels can be damaging to flooring.

Be diligant with pet care. New pets should be fully and reliably housebroken before they’re allowed free range of the home. Baby gates and other methods can be used to confine pets to uncarpeted areas.

Move furniture carefully. Life heavy items, rather than dragging them, to prevent damage to carpeting and other types of flooring.

Use coasters under furniture legs. This will prevent permanent indentations from forming in the carpet.

Always take care when painting or doing messy crafts. The five minutes it takes to throw down a drop cloth can save you hours of scrubbing or the expense of professional carpet cleaning.

Watch for fading. Cover windows with blinds or curtains to prevent sunlight from fading your carpet.

Use doormats. Every outside door should have a doormat so that anyone entering the home can wipe their feet.

Change your air conditioner filter. Filters trap dust and pollen that will otherwise circulate through your home’s heating and cooling system. Changing the filters will remove this debris from the air, and less dirt will be deposited onto your carpet.

Apply a protective coating. A protective coating on carpet will prevent staining.

Regularly perform professional carpet cleaning. Cleaning your carpets on a regular basis will keep them looking fresh and new much longer, and might even be required by the warranty. Give us a call for professional carpet cleaning services, and soon you’ll see a drastic difference for yourself.