Spring is arriving right now, and most of us are feeling excited about warm weather, gardening, and backyard barbecues. But first things first: If you haven’t gotten a start on your spring cleaning, take these six steps to get your home looking spic and span.

Clean your windows. Most people tend to forget about their windows, but you would be surprised at the difference clean windows will make. Pop out the screens and rinse those with the hose, and then turn your attention to the glass. Clean with a vinegar-water solution for sparkling clean windows that bring much-needed light into your home. Don’t forget about the window tracks; clean tracks allow windows to glide open and closed.

Clean out your trash can. Yes, you haul the bags out to the curb weekly, but the inside of your trash can probably stinks. You might not even realize it! Take it outside for a good “bath” from the garden hose, and scrub with bleach if necessary to remove old smells.

Don’t forget your air vents. Anything in your air vents will be blown throughout your house, so get in there and dust them. Don’t feel bad. Many people forget this chore.

Wash your shower curtain, or replace it. Over time, mold and mildew can build up on your shower curtain. Scrub it down with a bleach solution, or simply replace it.

Remember your “touch surfaces”. Any surface that is frequently touched will carry germs. Remember to wipe down your phone, doorknobs, your microwave touchpad, your computer keyboard, and so on.

Clean your carpets! Even if you vacuum regularly, dust, mites, flea eggs, and much more can build up in your carpet. Plus, over time they will become stained and you probably haven’t even noticed. This is particularly true for high traffic areas that start to look dingy and discolored after a while. Give us a call to discuss our professional carpet cleaning services, and we can get your carpets looking practically brand new in no time.