You know that water damage can be one of the most extensive and difficult problems to deal with in a home. After all, even a seemingly small amount of water tends to spread across a large area, and the potential for damage grows larger by the hour. If your hardwood floors have been affected by water damage, they might be one of your top priorities with regard to cleanup and restoration. After all, hardwood floors can be quite expensive to replace, and you’ve put a lot of love and care into them over the years.

The good news is that sometimes it is possible to save your hardwood floors from water damage. They key lies in quick action.

The first thing you must do, in any water damage event, is stop the flow of water into the affected area. Shut off the main water supply if the water is coming from a burst pipe or broken appliance. If the water is coming from the roof, cover the affected area with a tarp if you can, or place buckets to catch dripping water.

Remove standing water with towels or by pumping it out. Open doors and windows to get air circulating through the room, and place fans to help with this.

Then, remove all wet items from the floor right away. You don’t want soaked rugs and furniture sitting on the hardwood flooring, maintaining moisture in the area. Move other large items out of the room to encourage air flow.

A water restoration company can take care of all of these tasks for you, plus offer input on saving your hardwood floors. We use specialized equipment to help dry your water damaged rooms much more quickly, and then we can inspect for mold and mildew which can create serious health hazards and other secondary problems. And if your hardwood floors need cleaning, we will use only products that are specifically intended for this purpose.

In the event that we do save your floors, remember to maintain them with the proper sealant or wax on a regular basis.

If you experience a water damage event in your home, let us be the first company that you call. With prompt action we can often save some or many of your possessions and features like hardwood floors. We can also guide you through the rest of the restoration process with expert advice, and help you file a claim with your homeowners insurance provider.