What’s So Difficult About Protein Fires?

By |2022-05-25T13:37:37-07:00May 25th, 2022|

No homeowner ever wants to face any type of fire. But did you know that some types of fire damage can be more difficult to remedy than others? If you experience a kitchen fire that starts when cooking protein-rich dishes, you might end up with what we call a "protein fire". Protein fires can be

A Shocking Number of California Homes Are at Risk of Wildfire Damage

By |2022-05-18T15:42:39-07:00May 18th, 2022|

Is your home likely to succumb to wildfire damage sometime in the future? Most people would answer, "Probably not, since I don't live near a forest," or even, "I hope not!" And you might assume, even though we've suffered some tragic wildfires in recent years, that in the grand scheme of things this type of

Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Water Damage?

By |2022-05-12T07:23:46-07:00May 11th, 2022|

If you've suffered water damage in your home, one of your first questions might be, "Will my homeowners insurance cover the repairs from water damage?" After all, water can be one of the most incredibly destructive forces on Earth! And that adds up to a lot of expensive repairs in a home damaged by any

The Hidden Danger of Former Grow Houses

By |2022-05-23T06:34:38-07:00April 27th, 2022|

Marijuana legalization, and acceptance of the drug as a medical and/or recreational option, has come a long way in recent years. Having said that, growing marijuana inside a home isn't exactly the safest way to access the plant. If you're purchasing real estate for either your personal residence or as an investment, there is something

4 Things to Discard After a Home Fire

By |2022-04-20T14:36:37-07:00April 20th, 2022|

If you've experienced a fire in your home, the last thing you want to face is even more loss. But unfortunately, some items will be dangerous after they have been exposed to smoke and soot. The following four items should be discarded for your safety, and replaced as necessary. Food in the pantry. All opened

Cleaning Up a Former Grow House

By |2022-04-13T07:08:20-07:00April 13th, 2022|

You've found the perfect property, in the ideal location... But there's just one problem. It was formerly used as a marijuana grow house, and needs a significant amount of cleaning. Can this property be saved? Absolutely! Luckily, there are no long-term health risks associated with a former marijuana grow operation, provided you clean up the

Prevent Water Damage with Regular Roof Maintenance

By |2021-12-02T07:49:32-08:00December 2nd, 2021|

As your local water damage restoration experts, we are always available to assist you in recovering from water damage events in your home. But because prevention is worth a pound of cure, we also want to help you avoid such disasters in the first place! And one of the best ways to do that is

4 Types of Home Emergencies and How to Respond

By |2021-11-03T13:21:09-07:00November 3rd, 2021|

We don't usually picture things going wrong in our homes, or at least we hope they don't! So you might not have practiced what to do in the event of an emergency. Unfortunately, it can be easy to panic when water is gushing into your home or something is on fire. So take the time

The Dos and Don’ts of Water Damage Emergencies

By |2021-06-09T08:03:10-07:00June 9th, 2021|

As a homeowner, preparation is key to handling disasters. So before a water damage event ever occurs in your home, commit these five dos and don'ts to memory. DO turn off the water supply immediately. If the emergency is related to your home's plumbing, several gallons of water per minute could be flooding into the

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