You’ve found the perfect property, in the ideal location… But there’s just one problem. It was formerly used as a marijuana grow house, and needs a significant amount of cleaning. Can this property be saved?

Absolutely! Luckily, there are no long-term health risks associated with a former marijuana grow operation, provided you clean up the home properly. The primary problem is the moisture created by these activities. Moisture damages the home in numerous ways and invites the presence of mold spores. And you might have some cosmetic issues to solve as well.

First, let’s talk about that mold. Once a building is exposed to high levels of humidity, mold spores in the air will go everywhere. And we do mean everywhere. They are inside the walls and subfloor, lurking deep within the ventilation system, and infesting materials like carpeting. The property will indeed require a full mold remediation treatment.

And of course, there might be structural damage from the moisture. Subflooring could be weakened, and you might have spots of rotting wood. Sometimes the concrete foundation could be damaged.

Many grow operators rewire their properties to avoid high electrical bills, but this can cause a dangerous situation. “Rigged” electrical systems have a 40 percent greater fire risk, so you definitely want to check the electrical wiring and ‘unrig” it if necessary.

And finally, the home might simply need some cosmetic improvements due to the high humidity, stains on walls and floors, and all of the repair work you’ll need to perform.

Cleaning up the site of a former marijuana grow operation will usually require multiple stages, and the experience of someone who has done this before. We’ve participated in this type of work before, and can guide you through the process. So if you’ve found the perfect property for either an investment opportunity or your own needs, don’t rule it out just because of its unusual history! Give us a call, we’ll help you determine how much work and expense will be required to rehabilitate the home.