Water or fire damage can put you out of business for days or even weeks. Not only does this emergency put a stop to daily business activities, but it can be expensive to deal with the ongoing problems if the issues aren’t addressed immediately.

At Home Perfect Restoration, we’re here to take care of the water and fire damage right away. Our goal is to help you open your business to the public as soon as possible so you can avoid missing out on lost sales and transactions. The longer a business stays closed for restoration, the higher the risk that the doors will never reopen. We will help you get back in business right away to minimize the long-term problems that could impact the success of your business.

Our Emergency Response Plans Consist of:

*Have a qualified representative make an appointment with you and visit your property to become familiar with it and the managers on site.

*Get access to a suite of tools, accessible through a single interface, that captures critical building details, immersive 3D virtual tours, and life safety item locations – all of which are accessible before, during, and after an emergency incident.


A cloud-based application developed by and for first responders. Built on the information requirements found in NFPA 1600 (Standard on Continuity, Emergency, and Crisis Management), NFPA 1620 (Pre-Incident Planning Requirements) and NFPA 3000 (Standards for Active Shooter/Hostile Event Response Program)

*Mass Notification

Incident Notification dashboard, facility employees and disaster restoration providers are alerted about an active incident (clients also have the option of alerting First Responders within the affected municipality). This feature triggers immediate Push Notification, SMS, and/or email incident notifications to authorized users – users who receive one click access to the facility’s profile to aid in emergency response actions.

*Are remotely-accessible to authorized users via any web enabled device. Instantly access plans via Push Notification, SMS, and/or email when an incident is reported – ensuring the ability to rapidly take appropriate action during emergency incidents. When clients opt for expanded service, First Responders receive similar information, allowing for a greater understanding of what actions are being taken in an affected facility prior to arrival.

*“Deep Link” of Critical Details

Locate critical facility details with one click on the user dashboard – view the item or location in 3D detail, ensuring the ability easily locate the exact location of the feature and view the best-possible routes of ingress and egress to or from a feature. Additionally, Mattertags are assigned to these features with a range of dynamic media including descriptions, how-to text/video instructions and links to surveillance camera access dashboards.

*Matter Port- 360° Exterior Photospheres

Employs the use of 360° panorama photos – which render with High Dynamic Range (HDR) clarity – to bridge the situational awareness provided by our Google Maps integration and our Matterport 3D models. The 360° photos provide excellent orientation assistance and awareness of the physical environment adjacent to each facility entry and exit point.

*Live Camera Integration (Optional)

Secure access to a facility’s security cameras is provided to key staff through proprietary “bridging” capability. This on-demand feature encrypts camera feeds, which are rebroadcast from our managed cloud environment – minimizing bandwidth usage while still providing access to authorized users.

Disasters are, in some cases, unavoidable.

There are no guaranteed methods of prevention – the very reason why we choose to focus on words like “mitigation,” “management,” and “monitoring” when it comes to risk. In order for us to mitigate, manage, and monitor more effectively, greater emphasis must be placed on planning, preparation, and education. In the world of Emergency Response Planning, education is a derivative of planning and preparation. Gaining mastery and awareness of the physical environment leads to informed and reality-based training. The Multi-Collaborative Risk Mitigation and Management Ecosystem created by the Response Company you choose to use. Reality Capture is game-changing at multiple levels across the restoration industry.   If you are interested in driving immersive and dynamic – yet simple and intuitive – 21st century Emergency Response Planning for your new, existing, and prospective building . If you are looking to minimize downtime and ensure the safety of your commercial building, then Home Perfect Emergency Services is the team to call.