It is traumatizing to have a fire in your home or office. Not only is your sense of security threatened, but the fire results in a long list of cleanup and restoration services required to restore the quality and appearance of the building. If a fire occurs in your office, then it will bring your business to an unexpected halt. At home, a fire could displace your family and damage your property and personal belongings.

When the alarm sounds, emergency responders will show up to extinguish the fire. After the flames are gone, you are left with a mess: smoke damage, burned areas that need to be rebuilt, water damage, and more. What should you do when the smoke clears? The best solution is to contact the local restoration experts: Home Perfect Emergency Services. We stand ready to help in your time of need, promising fast action to minimize the long-term damage to your home or office.

What to Expect: Fire Damage Restoration

The first 24-48 hours after the fire are the most crucial times when it comes to restoration. Once the building is stabilized and cleared by the emergency response team, the next step is to recover as much of the property as possible. This process includes a range of services, including:

  • Cleaning up smoke and soot damage
  • Minimizing corrosion due to chemicals used when extinguishing the fire
  • Drying out areas affected by water damage
  • Deodorizing and neutralizing smoke odor left behind

In addition to the visible structural damage, it is also important to evaluate the things inside the building to determine recovery options. We can offer personalized advice to compare the restoration costs with replacement costs. Plus, you need to consider how the heat and smoke might have damaged the function and quality of furniture, equipment, and other items inside.

If the fire was severe, Home Perfect Restoration can assist with boarding up the damaged areas, demolition when required, soot removal, and even complete reconstruction.

Call the Local Restoration Experts

You can count on Home Perfect Restoration for the assistance required for your home or office. We’re just a phone call away and offer complete, quality services that you can trust.