Most of us picture a roof leak as a sudden dripping or gushing of water from overhead, signifying that something has gone terribly wrong with our roof. But actually, a roof leak can go undetected for some time, especially if the leak is small or you don’t often receive rain. Water that gets into your home from overhead doesn’t always drip straight down immediately. It can run down inside walls, into crawl spaces, and other hidden areas of the house.

If you don’t know about a roof leak right away, water damage can accumulate slowly over time. And inside those hidden areas you might have rotted wood, compromised structural integrity, and even the growth of toxic mold. You don’t want to deal with thousands of dollars in hidden damages… So how do you know if you have a slow or hidden roof leak?

Odd stains on the ceiling or walls. No, this isn’t just discoloration of the paint or accumulated grime. It’s probably a sign of a very slow leak.

Texture changes on the walls. You might notice what looks like tiny bubbles in your wallpaper or paint. This is caused by moisture that is likely coming from a roof leak or backed up gutters, although in some cases it might be a leak in a hidden water pipe.

You can see damaged shingles on the roof. We don’t advise that you go climbing onto the roof on a regular basis, but try to observe your house by standing some distance away from it. If you can see missing, damaged, or curled shingles, there is a good chance that this damage has led to a leak (or will soon). You might also see damaged roof flashing or spots where the caulk appears cracked. This represents a potential entry point for water.

You can see damage to your gutters. You might also notice damaged spots in your gutter system. If water can’t flow through them as intended, it will have to go somewhere. And often that “somewhere” ends up being your house.

You smell something musty. An unusual smell within your home, especially if it’s musty, indicates the presence of mildew or mold. This could be due to a small roof leak, broken pipe, or maybe some other type of water damage.

Water damage causes a lot of financial damage, too. And it can also harm your health, since mold often results. If you suspect a roof leak, get that repaired by a professional roofer right away. And call us to handle the water damage restoration or mold removal, so that your home is in good shape and your family stays healthy.