When you first discover water damage in your home, your first thoughts might revolve around saving as many of your possessions as you can. But then your mind quickly pivots to, “Oh no… How much is this going to cost?” Water can indeed become very damaging, very quickly, so you’re right to feel concerned about it.

Of course, we can’t answer that question within the space of a blog. We need to come view the damaged area of your home and learn more about what happened before we can give you a quote on restoring your home. But generally speaking, the following factors will influence the final price of the job.

Where did the water come from? If it was “clean” water, as from rainfall that entered your house through a damaged section of roof, we are looking at water damage only. But if it was “gray” water, such as the outgoing water from your dishwasher or washing machine, some items may be beyond repair. Typically we find that gray water absolutely ruins carpet padding, so even if we save your carpet you will need to install new pad underneath.

And if the water was “black” water, such as sewage from a backed-up toilet, nothing can usually be salvaged. We also must use extra care when cleaning up black water damage, due to the obvious health risks, so this is the most expensive type of damage to repair.

How large is the affected ares? It probably won’t surprise you to learn that water damage restoration for a small bathroom is much more affordable than restoration of an entire floor of your home.

How much water was involved? A small drip from the roof probably won’t cause as much damage as a broken, gushing pipe. But this can depend on whether there is any hidden damage from long-term leaks.

How long did the water sit? Hours versus days can be a bit deal with water damage restoration. The longer the water soaked into the floors, walls, or ceiling, the more damage has been done.

What type of equipment is required to dry and restore the area? Professional grade equipment will be used as needed.

If you do require water damage restoration services, do call us right away. As we noted above, the final cost of repairs can rise based on how long the water has been present. So let’s address the situation quickly and file everything with your homeowners insurance provider. In many cases the bill will be at least partially covered, but we need to consult with you in order to determine that.