With most cleaning tasks, you simply know that it’s time to take action. Dust becomes visible within days, dishes are a daily occurrence, and dirt on walls looks like… well, dirt on walls.

But with carpets, the impacts of dirt and traffic add up gradually over time. You don’t notice a sudden change from one day to the next. Instead, carpets gradually become more dirty and worn, and you might not even notice it happening. That’s why a regular cleaning schedule can be so important.

So, how often should you have your carpets professionally cleaned? That depends on a few factors. If you’re a family with four young children, you won’t need to clean your carpets as often as a single person living alone . If you have pets, you will likely clean your carpet more frequently than people who don’t share their homes with cats and dogs. And if you tend to be an introvert, you might not see as much wear and tear on your carpet as someone who throws parties every weekend.

So, to some degree your cleaning schedule will depend upon your family structure and lifestyle. Having said that, most people should aim to have their carpets professionally cleaned every 12 to 18 months. If you have dogs, cats, children, frequent parties, or you tend to clumsily spill wine and spaghetti everywhere (hey, it happens) then you should adjust your carpet cleaning schedule accordingly. Considering some of those factors, hiring a carpet cleaning service twice per year might be more appropriate for your situation.

Of course, in the meantime you should maintain your carpets as well as possible. Vacuum at least weekly, and spot treat any stains immediately. They’re much easier to remove when they haven’t had time to set in. Finally, some simple practices such as removing your shoes at the door, and wiping your dog’s feet, can save a lot of wear and tear on your carpets. Make sure your kids understand these rules as well.

When it’s time to schedule that professional carpet cleaning service, give us a call. We can help you keep your carpets looking fresh and renewed for years to come.