You might think the Covid-19 pandemic mostly influenced the way very public businesses, such as stores and restaurants, operate. And of course, healthcare has drastically changed. So it might surprise you to learn that the home remodeling business has seen its share of changes, too. In fact, customers are increasingly changing their priorities for home design, and we’ve stayed busy responding to the demand. The following remodeling preferences have become more popular throughout the past two years.

Kitchen redesign and storage. With more of us preparing more meals at home these days, the kitchen has taken on new importance in our lives. Homeowners want traffic to flow more smoothly in this room, they prefer better storage, and they need more functional appliances. Increased use means an increased need for better lighting. And since a kitchen redesign often requires changes to electrical outlets and plumbing, there’s been plenty of that work involved as well.

Spa-like bathrooms. Those who preferred to stay home more often found themselves a bit bored throughout the pandemic. And if your favorite spa is closed or inconvenient to access, what are you to do? Many homeowners began to install more spa-like features in their home bathrooms, such as heated towel bars, larger tubs for soaking, built-in vanities, and even saunas.

Outdoor entertaining space. When gathering in large, public groups became frowned upon (or outright forbidden) many families turned to smaller, more intimate gatherings at home. Outdoor entertainment spaces surged in popularity, and we saw an increased interest in decks, patios, screened porches, outdoor kitchens, and features such as fire pits and fountains. Renovating your outdoor entertainment space provides a gathering spot for family and friends that is more pandemic-friendly.

Home offices. And of course, the shift to remote work has prompted many homeowners to add a home office space. Whether you’re adding a room, converting a nook, or finishing out attic or basement space, the need for a home office is likely to continue well into the future.

If the pandemic has left you feeling an urge for home remodeling, give us a call. We can help you evaluate the possibilities within your home, and come up with a plan to change the space to meet your needs.