So, you’re remodeling a room, or perhaps the entire house, and you’ve settled on carpet as your flooring of choice. But wait! The decisions aren’t over yet. Consider these six questions when choosing your carpet, so that you end up with the option that best suits your needs.

Consider how you use the space. If the room is a bedroom, you might prefer the feel of luxurious, plush carpet under your feet. On the other hand, a home office might be better served by a low-pile option. Are you concerned about permanent imprints from heavy furniture, especially if you envision rearranging the room at some point? Again, low-pile carpet might be best. Will the room be heavily used by kids or pets? Consider a carpet that is durable and easy to clean.

Consider other functions of carpet. Aside from providing flooring, what else are you hoping to gain. If you want the room to look bigger, consider carpeting in lighter colors. If you want the floor to look clean for longer in between vacuuming, consider a textured or multi-colored carpet. Do you want a cozy, intimate ambiance? Darker colors and more plush carpeting provide the right atmosphere.

Think about maintenance. Choosing a carpet isn’t all about how it looks. Ask your flooring professional about the maintenance and cleaning needs of each carpet you consider. Can you dedicate the extra time or money to maintain your flooring, so that it continues to look its best?

Don’t forget the padding. Avoid the temptation to save a bit of money by skipping the carpet padding. Padding underneath carpet isn’t just about comfort; it protects the life of your carpet. A high quality padding actually protects your investment and keeps your carpet looking great.

Budget. Naturally, budget is important to most homeowners during a renovation. Remember that an investment in quality can save you money in the long term. It might be better to cut costs for another element of your remodel, and splurge on quality flooring.

Ask questions about the warranty. Your carpet likely comes with a warranty, but that warranty can be voided if you don’t follow its specifications precisely. Ask questions to be sure that you protect your investment.

And of course, remember you can contact us! We can answer your questions about remodeling and assist you with regular carpet cleaning to keep your home looking beautiful.