Whether you’ve recently suffered water damage within your home, or you just smell something musty, you might suspect that you have a mold problem. It’s always recommended to address a potential mold problem as soon as you detect it, because many strains of mold can cause health problems. And of course, there is the potential damage to your home and its value to consider. But do you need to hire a mold remediation company, or can you attempt to do it yourself?

You might already suspect that we strongly urge you not to attempt a DIY mold remediation. There are several very important reasons that  mold should always be removed by a professional:

Mold spores can be dangerous to your health. So when you start getting into hidden areas of the home, disrupting the mold and attempting to remove it, you will invariably cause more spores to be released into the air. A mold remediation professional has the right protective equipment to get the job dones safely, so that we don’t risk our health, but most homeowners don’t.

Speaking of that equipment, we employ very specific methods to remove mold safely from your home. This will include sealing off unaffected areas before we get to work. Without the right procedures, you actually risk spreading mold spores into the rest of the home. Then the problem will recur elsewhere.

And finally, there is just the simple fact that what you can see (or smell) often does not accurately reflect the extent of mold damage. Mold can exist in many hidden areas, and a professional knows how to find all of those areas and properly clean them with the right solutions to eradicate the problem.

If your home has experienced water damage at any time, or if you simply smell a musty odor that makes you suspect a mold problem, give us a call right away. With prompt attention, mold remediation services can get rid of toxic mold and protect your home and health.