Whenever your pet has an accident, you do your best to remove the stain right away. So why does it seem as though your carpets are still dingy and dirty? And where is that smell coming from?

You might not even notice the smell on a day-to-day basis, because you’ve grown accustomed to it. But then you go away for a vacation for a week, and upon returning are horrified to realize your house stinks! Is this what it always smells like to your guests? Unfortunately, the answer is probably yes.

When you clean a pet-related accident on carpet, it is possible to remove the stain itself. But urine leaves behind tiny crystals in the carpet padding and flooring underneath, and those crystals continue to release odor. In other words, cleaning only what you can see is usually not enough. There are hidden stains and odors that will continue to haunt you.

Another common problem is that some common, store-bought carpet cleaners leave behind certain residues. Some will discolor your carpet, and some can be toxic to pets. And unfortunately, certain residues actually attract dirt to the fibers in your carpet and help it to stick there! That’s why you might scrub out a stain, only to notice a dingy appearance in that spot weeks or months later.

If you’ve endured more than your fair share of pet-related carpet mishaps, it’s probably time for a professional cleaning. Professional carpet cleaning breaks down odor-causing crystals hidden deep within your carpet, and removes old residues and stains. We can also do this in a way that is safe for children and pets.

If you’re tired of that old dingy, smelly carpet, give us a call. We will get your carpet looking and smelling clean again, so you can get back to enjoying your home.