For most homeowners, one of the first questions asked about a home remodeling job is, “How much will it cost?”  A number of factors influence the final price tag of a project, but the scope of the work is one of the main considerations. By scope, we mean how much work is involved and how much change are we accomplishing?

When we look at things from the perspective of scope, there are four main types of home remodeling jobs. Your project will fall into one of the following categories.

Partial. Sometimes the need for a partial remodel arises due to an emergency of some type. Or maybe you just want to swap out an old and outdated fixture. The entire room won’t be changed, but you will make needed repairs or improve function in some way.

Cosmetic. With a cosmetic remodel, you’re looking to change the appearance of the room, without altering the structure. Often this happens because the space looks old and out of style. Costmetic remodels usually involve new wall colors, replacing light fixtures, painting or replacing cabinets and countertops, and so on.

Pull and Replace. With this type of remodel, we pull everything out of the room, sometimes all the way down to the studs, and replace it all. This will usually mean new flooring and sometimes even new walls. Plumbing and electrical systems might require altering, in order to accomodate new features. You will achieve an entirely new look and updated function, but without changing the actual floorplan.

Custom. With a custome remodel, the goal is to take a space and completely reimagine it. You might alter the floor plan or even add an addition to the home. And of course, the new space will include cosmetic updates as well.

As you might imagine, these different types of remodeling jobs require differing amounts of labor. So depending upon the type of remodel you’re pursuing, the price can vary greatly. Give us a call to discuss your remodeling project, and we can help you learn more about what to expect.