Are you feeling like your home needs a little extra something to liven it up? Or maybe you’re considering putting it on the market, and you want to attract motivated buyers. These five remodeling projects are some of the most common in the industry, and for good reasons.

Add outdoor entertainment space. Unless you’re willing to spend big bucks on a home addition, your square footage will remain limited to what you currently have. But adding outdoor living space can make your home feel so much more roomy, and allow for more flexible entertainment options. Consider adding a deck or patio, covered porch, screened porch, or outdoor kitchen. A fire pit, water feature, or tiki bar will round out the space and make it so much more enjoyable.

Upgrade the Bonus Room. Bonus rooms present a major opportunity to add significant function and living space to your home. You already have the basics; you just need to finish out the space and make it feel hospitable. Bonus rooms provide the perfect way to add rec rooms, play rooms, entertainment space, a home office, and more.

Revamp your kitchen. The kitchen is often a focal point for the entire home. We all need to eat, and that means spending time in this centrally-located room. Most of us would rather enjoy a beautiful, updated, and functional kitchen, and this one room can be a major selling point or a major turnoff to buyers. Revamping the kitchen is a good idea if your current space is outdated, inconvenient to use, or poorly lit.

Update the bathroom. Bathrooms are another big selling (or detraction) point for buyers. Even though this room is mostly functional, most prefer a well-designed, modern space.

Spruce up the entryway. First impressions are everything. If you can complete only one smaller remodeling project, sprucing up the entryway can be an excellent choice. Install a new front door, add a small garden, and consider other features that will make your home seem more inviting to visitors.

If you’re considering a home remodeling project, give us a call. We can offer our input and help you decide on a design that purposely suits you and potential buyers.