Water can create serious destruction within your home. Whether a simple broken pipe that spews water throughout a room, a leaking roof that destroys your ceiling walls, or an actual flood that enters your home from outside, water is one of the most destructive forces on earth. So it might surprise you to learn that the most dangerous thing about water damage isn’t actually the water. It’s TIME!

That’s because the risks of water becomes more serious for every hour that it is allowed to remain in your home. Time is your true enemy here, not the water! For example, water absorbs into drywall at a rate of one inch per hour. So if the water is allowed to remain for just one day, it could penetrate up to two feet. The destruction is similar for carpet, underpadding, wood flooring, furniture, and more. A mess that is quickly removed might not permanently damage your home, and sometimes even some of your belongings can be saved. But when allowed to sit, water further damages building materials and possessions practically by the minute.

Mold and milder pose another risk. Within 24 to 48 hours of a water damage event, mold growth can begin. That’s because the humidity level in your home is raised significantly, providing the perfect conditions for mold spores to settle onto surfaces and propagate. Because mold and mildew can be toxic, particularly to those with pre-existing medical conditons like asthma or allergies, failing to take immediate action to clean up water damage can endanger your health as much as your home.

Fortunately, we specialize in cleaning up water damage, making repairs, and addressing mold and mildew issues. If you’ve experienced any type of flood  or leak within your home, give us a call immediately. We will dispatch a team to help you get things dried out right away, and then tackle repair and mold remediation issues if needed.