If you’re remodeling your bathroom, you will face a series of choices that will influence your end results (and final budget). But one question seems to trip up homeowners more than any other: Do I really need a bathtub, or is a shower good enough?  Sometimes couples even get into quite the debate about this topic!

First, let’s review the reasons to skip the new bathtub and go straight for a nice shower.

Water usage. We’ve experienced droughts in recent years, and are often advised to reduce our water usage for the good of all. Plus, the water bill can get expensive. So you might be interested to know that the typical bath uses about 70 gallons of water, whereas you will only use about 25 gallons of water to take a shower. Taking baths regularly can seem like an unnecessary luxury to some people.

Cleaning concerns. Some people simply get sick of cleaning the bathtub. It requires bending and stooping, and who has time for all of that? By contrast, a walk-in shower can feel much easier to keep clean.

Disability. For some, stepping up over the ledge of a tub can present an obstacle. A walk-in shower is much safer and easier to use.

Square footage. And finally, a bathtub simply takes up more space. In a smaller bathroom, you might wish to devote that square footage to something else.

Now, here are the reasons you might still wish to include a bathtub in your bathroom remodel.

A must for young children. If you’re considering children in the future, grandchildren regularly visit, or you might rent out the home someday, a bathtub can be essential for families.

Long, luxurious soaks. Maybe you don’t even intend to do it regularly, but you don’t want to give up long, luxurious soaks forever. You don’t want to skip the bathtub only to regret the decision later.

Resale value. For the above reasons and more, some people simply consider at least one bathtub to be a necessity within a home. If you might sell the home someday, you don’t want lack of a bathtub to harm your resale value.

If you’re considering a bathroom remodel, give us a call to discuss your options. And with regard to the “shower versus bathtub” issue, we have one final thing to say: Why not both?