After a home fire, you understandably want everything to go back to normal quickly. You certainly want your home repaired and cleaned thoroughly, so you can move back in again.  To minimize the stress you’re feeling, it can help to understand the fire damage restoration process.

Intake. The first step in the process is for us to understand what happened, and what kind of help you will need. When you call us, we will ask a variety of questions regarding the fire and the extent of the damage. After learning this information, we can schedule an appointment to come view the site.

Can you help? Homeowners often want to know whether they can help with the cleanup process, and to what extent. You definitely don’t want to attempt this without talking to us first. Fire damage restoration can be dangerous, and it’s possible to make the damage worse rather than better.

If you do enter the home for any reason, be sure to wear an N-95 mask to reduce your exposure to harmful chemicals.

Pre-testing and scope of the job. Once we come out to view the site, we will be able to answer more detailed questions about fire damage restoration. We will also give you an estimated timeline on restoration, and review important contracts regarding the scope and limitations of our work.

During the job… We will remove any property that needs to be moved out of the way, and then protect your property with boarding or tarps if necessary. We start by removing any moisture (from fire hoses and sprinklers) and then begin to address soot and smoke damage. After fully sanitizing the property, we can help you with any reconstruction that might be necessary.

Final inspection. Once the fire damage restoration process is complete, we will walk through the property with you (and an insurance claims adjuster, when necessary). This is your chance to address any final concerns before the job is officially completed. At this stage, we will review everything with your claims adjuster if you’ve filed with your insurance company.

We hope you never experience a home fire, but if the worst happens, we can offer you quick and comprehensive service so that you get your life back on track efficiently.