When you experience a home fire, try to stop and use logic before proceeding from a place of emotion. You’ve been through a scary experience, and now you’re mourning personal losses as well. It’s understandable that you might act impulsively. But doing so could put you in danger, or at the very least create risk of additional damages. When you’ve experienced a fire in your home, take a deep breath, call the authorities, call your insurance company, and follow their instructions. And remember NOT to do any of the following.

Don’t re-enter the house. Stay out until the fire marshal or other expert clears you to enter the property.

Don’t touch things. The oil in your hands can cause soot to permanently “set in” to various fabrics. Use caution when moving items, and cover your hands to avoid contact with skin oils.

Don’t try to wash the walls or carpet. They’re covered in soot and you want to start cleaning up immediately. We get it. But if you use the wrong or improper cleaning methods, it is possible to make the problem worse. Make sure to call us first, so that we can advise you on the best ways to clean up your damaged walls and carpet. The same goes for upholstery, like your couch.

Don’t turn on lights. This is especially important if your ceilings are wet. The wiring could be damaged.

Don’t clean electrical appliances. This includes your appliances, computers, and even handheld devices that were close to the fire, heat, or water. Contact a repair service to be sure you don’t cause further damage.

Don’t wash your clothes. Yes, it’s tempting, but cleaning your clothes the wrong way could cause the smoke odor to “set”.

Don’t eat the food. Any food exposed to heat or soot could be contaminated or spoiled.

If you experience a home fire, let us be your point of contact. Call us for expert advice, and we can help you to avoid making things worse while we get your life back to normal.