Of all the home ownership disasters you could deal with, a backed-up sewer system really stinks. Seeing wastewater bubbling up into toilets, sinks, and tubs can overwhelm almost anyone. It’s important to know what you should do ahead of time, in the event this type of disaster ever befalls your home.

Backed-up sewer lines point to a clog in a pipe somewhere. As a novice, don’t worry about trying to find the clog once things have progressed this far. Removing it earlier would have helped, had you known about it, but now you must shift into damage control mode.

First, turn off all appliances that use water, such as your dishwasher or washing machine. Don’t shower in another bathroom or flush the toilet in any of your home’s bathrooms for the time being. Since you don’t know where the clog is located, you have no idea if you’d simply be sending more water barreling toward it, only to back up in the same location or another one.

Now, call a plumber, because a professional is best suited to discover the clog and remove it. Your plumber will likely snake your drains to find the problem.

If the damage exceeds what the plumber is able to do, you’ll want to contact a restoration company.  Cleaning up this type of water damage can be a considerable burden, and it’s usually not for the faint of heart. Aside from the obvious “ick factor”, you could expose yourself to disease. If wastewater is standing in your home, you will need special equipment to pump it out. Then, we will thoroughly dry the area and assess for mold damage afterward, if the situation warrants. Professional cleaning can also remedy any lingering, unpleasant smells.

Depending on your insurance deductibles and the extent of the damage/repairs, you many need to get your insurance company involved.  Discuss this with your plumber and restoration company.  When using Home Perfect Restoration, we will always give you straight-forward and honest answers regarding this decision.

If you act quickly, extensive water damage to the interior of your home can often be avoided. Give us a call if your sewer backs up, and we can help you clean up the mess.